Are You Ready To Manage A Portfolio Of Digital Assets?

Let me guess, you invested in Crypto Markets, but struggle to establish an edge. Maybe you’re even a portfolio manager, struggling to bring consistent incomes to your digital asset portfolio. Too many people are holding crypto they bought at the highs in 2017 and don’t know how to consistently pull profits from the cryptocurrency market. Does that sound like you?

Maybe you even sat on the sidelines, waiting for the crypto markets to pull back from their all time highs before looking to learn secrets used by the top hedge fund managers in the industry. Perhaps you’re already extremely knowledgeable about crypto markets, but still don’t know how to turn your ideas into profits. The road to success can be quite arduous.


Wouldn’t It Be Great To Have A Step By Step Guide To Consistently Take Money Out Of The Crypto Market?

That’s exactly what you’ll get with NeuroStreet’s advanced crypto education video series! We take you through an in depth tutorial on how to think like a Venture Capitalist, show you how to vet projects, and take advantage of short term opportunities.

Our approach is simple, we want to position ourselves in the best projects for long term success, leverage our core crypto holdings by swing trading, and show you how to set aside your profits to pay yourself.


This Is For Those Of You Who Are Ready To Start Investing In Cryptos!

You will be apart of the elite group of crypto investors that are looking to develop the skills necessary for long term success. It will take practice to master what you learn, but, you will have continual access to our crypto educator for tips and tricks.

If you’re reading this, you should be comfortable with our portfolio management approach and have a good understanding of our “Getting Started With Cryptos” introductory video series.


Our Advanced Crypto Trades and Educational Video Series Comes With:


  1. How To Vet A Token (38 Minutes)

    • Featuring a 19 page document that will help you better understand each crypto project you’re evaluating.

  2. Swing Trading Cryptos (52 Minutes)

    • Featuring a play by play case study that lead to a 27% and 42% profit in Ox Protocol (27 Minutes)
  3. Margin Trading and Lending on Poloniex (23 Minutes)

    • Featuring an introduction to Poloniex and how to take advantage of the lending rates associated with margin trading.
  4. ICO’s using MyEtherWallet (32 Minutes)

    • Featuring the proper way to participate in ERC-20 based ICO’s.
  5. Airdrops and ICO’s  (44 Minutes)

    • Featuring a guide to collect free crypto tokens and amplify your passive income.
  6. Hedging With Stable Coins and Derivative Products  (26 Minutes)

    • Featuring how to stabilize the volatility of your portfolio using equity options and futures contracts.
  7. Our Portfolio Management Approach (25 Minutes)

    • Featuring a risk management approach for your long term investments and swing trades.
  8. Email Access To Our Lead Instructor




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$1,582 USD

Sound like the solution to the trading riddle you’ve been looking for?

Then your next best step is to check out our Crypto Bootcamp to see if our online training and education might be a good fit for your style of investing.   If you're serious about making money in crypto markets and the knowledge that gives you an advantage over all your competition -- We should talk!