My experience on the GF_System_MTF release presentation was that I was very impressed. This systems ability to address what I feel is a major issue facing novice and experienced traders alike was very subtle highlighted. I literally have watch the presentation over 10 times and actually took a trade shorting the EUR/USD on June 7 for a 26 pip profit with only a 5-7 pip drawdown. Market structure! Market structure! Market structure! Armed with this understanding traders looking to get good trade entries, targets to take profit, and trade management, should experience a high level of success in a reasonable amount of time using GF_System_MTF.

I have been trading forex for over 15 years and if there was anyway I could go back and have GF_System_MTF as one of my first systems I ever tried. I believe this would of saved me tons of money and more importantly years of my life trying to become a profitable trader! I am looking forward to using GF_System_MTF ASAP to help me improve on my trading results.

Thanks for sharing all your hard work and helping new traders who have a desire to become profitable ones.

Derrick W

The GF_System_MTF combines a Fibonacci Confluence indicator with the all new greatly improved trade planner. The trade planner takes into consideration risk reward to keep your goals realistic. I wish this system had been around when I first started trading. The indicator is easy to install and to use. Unlike a lot of multi-time frame tools it calculates really fast and doesn’t cause my system to lag.. Trying to do multi time frame Fibonacci analysis in the past has been really hard. Transferring the zones from higher to lower time frames has never worked well for me until now. This software is a breeze to use and is very customizable The unique part of this indicator is that it updates in real time and adjusts its confluence zones as the market expands and contracts intraday.

Adding a trade planner to the MTF Fibonacci analysis is icing on the cake. The indicator integrates well with the other NeuroStreet indicators or can be used alone. The trade planner is very customizable for both risk management and different entry criteria. I personally add the SDVolumeZone indicator and look for areas of agreement between the indicators. I then let the software plan my trade and enter when the indicators align. Using the chart trader feature makes moving my stops and targets to the plotted lines on the chart easy. There is less stress during the trade because I have a system and rules I was able to backtest and now displays easily on the chart for me to follow. I am looking forward to testing other combinations of this system with different NeuroStreet indicators like the Print Profiler to look for exhaustions at the Fibonacci confluences.

As always the educational videos are well done and there are new webinars showing combinations with other NeuroStreet indicators. NeuroStreet has delivered a greatly improved indicator and this time added a semi-automatic trade plan to it!!!

Brian Berger

My name is Steve and I trade from Columbus Ohio. I got started with NeuroStreet approximately 2 1/2 years ago. I started by purchasing the software a piece at a time. In addition to the software I also find the trade room and trainings to be especially useful. I like that we have different traders with different perspectives and methods of trading. I have learned to incorporate elements of each into my trading. I also enjoy Sean’s teachings as he has a lot a market knowledge and is skilled at communicating this knowledge with enthusiasm!

From my experience, I would also like to add that no indicator, system, trading guru or combination thereof will get you to success with trading if your psychology and/or prosperity mindset is off. This is hands down the most important element of trading! Sean and the traders at NeuroStreet will also attest to this. With good trading psychology and NeuroStreet Tools and Training you can achieve the trading success you desire!

Steve Epke

The Barometer unlike other NeuroStreet indicators does not generate trade signals or identify price levels for supply and demand or price reversals. The Barometer like the name implies looks at multi time frame market trend and gives you a snapshot of three different time frames in a small area. I personally trade on a laptop so real estate space is very critical to me. I cannot afford to have three charts open to keep an eye on the larger time frame trends of the market. The Barometer allows me to do this on my trading chart without cluttering up the main chart or adding more subgraphs.

To me the gauge looks and acts like the RPM gauge of my old sports car, it points out when the market is firing on all cylinders, or time frames in this case versus when the time frames are in conflict and likely to stall or chop around. The bars on the left of the indicator use algorithms to try to predict the next bars volume, volatility and range and tell when the market is about to move. If the volume bar is over 80 and the volatility and range bars are low then I know the market is ready to make a move.

In my mind this is better than the squeeze indicator that uses Bollinger bands and Keltner channels to show a price contraction in the market, the Barometer in this case tells us the market is about to explode with a high volatility move.

Brian Berger

I have been a member of NeuroStreet since 2015. When I joined I was amazed with SDVolumeZones and Velocity Momo indicators and how they pinpointed supply and demand areas and new trade opportunities. The Print Profiler was next big development from Sean and his team and I was again blown away. Now I could analyze not just the zone but the order flow of all the bars. I had seen other order flow software before but they were clunky and hard to interpret. The Print Profiler with the options to show or hide features like the raw numbers, delta divergence, trapped traders and the volume clusters is amazing.

The indicator can be used in a simplistic fashion to look at values like POC, Value high and low areas or delve more in depth into the actual raw data. The indicator gives signals for Trapped Traders or Delta Divergence making the analysis clear. It is easy to use and switch between the modes making it perfect for the beginner or more advanced trader. As always Sean has both recorded educational videos and ongoing webinars to help teach the indicator’s use.

Michael’s trade room incorporates the indicator along with other NeuroStreet indicators into a trade plan that he teaches and executes live in the markets. He is a fantastic teacher with a great teaching style and makes full use of the Print Profiler. Personally the addition of the Print Profiler to my trading has opened up new trades and added confirmation to my prior setups. I like trading the Trapped Trader clusters in areas of SD Volume zones, Fibonacci levels or with VM Divergence. Although I have been using the software for a while now I feel I am just scratching the surface of its potential and I am constantly learning new nuances in Michael’s room.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Print Profiler as a great indicator and NeuroStreet as a great company and educational resource.

Brian Berger

For three or more hours every morning Raul’s trading room sessions show me how stretching my concepts of how to trade can be highly profitable and possibly even relaxing! As he walks through CL, NQ, 6B, 6E, Dax, and other markets, his selection of Market Profile entry points has helped me stay out of the middle where I have historically been chopped up, and to pick entries with much higher probability of success.

And when they win, they have a better chance of winning big. The relaxing part comes when I just wait for price to come to me, rather than having to make hundreds of small decisions during the trading day to determine if this current price is where I should get in.

Bruce Kent

I have purchased the PrintProfiler from Neurostreet and am very pleased with the product. At first it seems like there are a lot of parameters and it can feel overwhelming, but the training video and manual are great. I took the time to watch the video and read the manual. Then I spent time using each of the settings and becoming familiar with them. In just a day or two I felt at home and comfortable. I especially like the volume average displays built into the software. That is a unique concept I have not seen anywhere else. Basically it keeps track of the volume cluster, point of control, etc. of each bar and then plots that as a user defined moving average. I have found that to be very powerful. I also like to combine zones from the Print Profiler with zones from the SDVolumeZones. When both zones fall in the same range it adds some serious confluence to the trade. I understand there has been a recent upgrade to the Print Profiler that adds a heat map. I am anxious to study and learn how to use it effectively.

Larry Wilkinson

I have been a member of NeuroStreet since 2015. Sean and his team have consistently improved and added to the core programs. When I started the emphasis was on supply and demand zones and indicators that supported trading these levels and looking at intrabar analysis. With the addition of TPO/CTV indicator we now have a great Market Profile tool to look at larger time frame areas and levels of value in a totally new way, the way the floor traders used to trade.

Sean and Raul have put together a great educational package and trade room to teach this trading method in an easy to understand progression. The software takes the heavy lifting of setup and splitting market profiles away from the user and automates it. While it is important to still understand what makes up the different profile shapes you no longer have to agonize over or spend time deciding where to split the data for TPO distributions, it is done for you. This is really market leading state of the art software.

Raul reviews the overnight and daily market action in his room and teaches how to trade these levels on multiple markets. While new to Market Profile I am learning to just trust the zones.

If this is all the software did it would be amazing , but in addition you get the CTV indicator which looks at cumulative tick volume. The indicator identifies different size lot trades and takes the delta of buyers vs sellers over a certain time period to identify the institutional players from the retail trader. In the past I have heard this talked about with the COT report on a weekly basis but never thought it could be done on an intraday chart. Sean and Raul have created a unique way to look at block trades that helps you trade along with the Big money and blends very well with the market profile software.

In all this is a fantastic set of indicators that is revolutionary in its ease and has opened up a new way of trading for me. I can highly recommend it for anyone interested in trading Market Profile.

Brian Berger

GF_System_MTF is a great addon indicator which prints the most important Fibonacci-levels on the chart in real time. I’m not sure how Sean and the Neurostreet team have programmed these levels, but these are previous multi timeframe levels, and in some way or another the market nearly always respect these levels.

Erik Bendiksen

NeuroStreet has created a unique combination of software development, education, support and now even neural training. I have been a customer since 2015 and have benefited from their continued advancements in both making unique and ever more usable tools and continued education. One of the things I love best about the company is that you get trade rooms that apply the indicators like the Auction Curve in the live markets. Michael and Raul lead fantastic trade rooms and spreadsheet all their winning and losing trades with complete transparency and demonstrate the use of the indicators together as a system.

The Auction Curve is one of the newer products released. The indicator sits nicely on the right margin of screen and can be expanded or made narrow very easily. The indicator is appropriately named because it points out where the market is under or overvalued on the basis of recent price action and is very easy to interpret.

The concept of the market being an auction is quoted by many people but now can actually be shown on the chart and updates throughout the day. I use this indicator to start my analysis and to keep from chasing the market. The indicator integrates well with the other NeuroStreet indicators or can be overlaid on any system to give you a permission type bias of where to trade or where to leave the market alone because it is too expensive/overvalued. This simple technique has increased my winning trade percentage and made me more profitable.

The educational videos are well done and recent webinars have pinpointed new trade combinations with other NeuroStreet indicators that make use of the Auction Curve. Once again NeuroStreet has delivered a great indicator , the Auction Curve.

Brian Berger

I started day trading with Thinkorswim and was introduced to Ninjatrader in 2011. I switched to Ninjatrader because they have tick data while thinkorswim aggregates data (and trades against you in forex). I struggled for several years, until I learned about the importance of volume and wanted even more of an edge by seeing what is happening in real time. I tried other volume tolls that are (Free) and other inexpensive order flow tools under 500 bucks and although they are helpful they didn’t backfill data so you had to turn your machine on for a few hours before you start trading and everytime you switch instruments you lose the data, that was extremely limiting. I also wanted to keep using Ninjatrader, because I had accumulated other tools in that program.

I saw the Print Profiler presentation in 2016, and was immediately impressed. With Sean he is apparently very knowledgeable and a real trader not just a salesman. I like the ease, speed and flexibility of the application. The video training which came with the product was also top notch. I use Print Profiler to qualify all of my entries and to determine realistic stop placements and targets. I wouldn’t want to enter a day trade without first looking at the Print Profiler and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their entries in short term trading.

Leong Thomas

As a trader who owns many trading software from different vendors, I enjoy programs from NeuroStreet. Here is the reason I like Auction Curve:

Auction Curve is a program working like a coach of a football team. It help clear your mind at the time you need a helpful opinion. Everybody is talking about multiple timeframes. The truth is, even multiple timeframes are confusing. One chart is telling you to go long while the others say otherwise. Sounds familiar?

I cannot deny that I have collected different programs. I am sure many people do. When I mix and match, I still need something like a guiding light. Action Curve works like the guiding light in a foggy day. It may not always save you from a stormy day on sea, but it give you something to navigate through a rough trading situation.

Tony Lin

As a retail trader, I always look for a trading system or tool that can give me an edge. Trading may appear simple to people who view it as sitting and pushing buttons, but trading is more difficult than any desk job out there. If you have been developing this new skill, you should have purchased a few pieces of software from vendors. At the time of purchase, you would have been told that it is the greatest thing on Earth, that it will make your trading a success. Sounds familiar?

Just look at your email box today. It is probably jam-packed with a bunch of sweet deals. For example, one vendor said, “My _____ Trader Software will hand you up to 90% WINNING TRADE SIGNALS FROM THE SOFTWARE day after day, week after week, and month after month on the Mini Nasdaq (NQ) and Crude Oil(CL) contracts and many others!”

I am sure you have seen this one or many similar promising products. Before you get excited, there are several aspects you should take into your consideration.

To begin, if this software is so wonderful, why isn’t this guy a billionaire talking on CNBC? Can you imagine how many billions you can compound if the 90% success rate story is true?

I am describing this common yet sad story above to make a few points: First, trade system vendors such as this one probably never traded in real money. I know. I have their products and have been in many of their trade rooms. Second, when you see them trading in simulation mode, they cannot trade their way out of a paper bag. Third, they do not dare to show any consistent real broker statements. Finally, they do not have a consistent system which you can mimic and do it yourself.

NeuroStreet’s TPO/CTV Auto V2 is different. It is a full system demonstrated by Raul Rivera’s live trading week by week since last year. His success is proven by brokerage statements from the last three years. His toolset is completely self-contained, and his techniques are taught in full methodology. I think you will find Raul the real gem of the trading world. I am so happy that NeuroStreet has put Raul and his system together to show that trading with large profits is possible.

Tony Lin

I’ve known Sean & NeuroStreet for almost 3 years. So far it has been the most reliable trading company I’ve ever followed. Their indicators and trading systems although a little pricey, are top notch and worth the money. During his educational webinars, Sean always goes out to the way the explain everything in detail, and always makes sure all questions are answered properly.

NeuroStreet trading education system is superior, also customer service is also very good and professional, all my questions have been answered usually within the same day. Overall I think this is the best trading company in the market and will definitely recommend to anyone.

Alwin S.

VMDivergence is a great tool I use when trading, either to quickly see the market sentiment, (trending or oscillating), or to use as extra insurance when you enter or exit trades. You can use it by itself mostly in oscillating markets, but I like to use it in combination with other software/signals.

It looks fairly simple, but there is a lot of in-depth features, like momentum, overbought/oversold levels, MACD etc. If you go into the nuances you can see divergence between fast and slow momentum, spot weak trends and false breakouts and the divergence lines show up directly on your chart.

You can quickly get an overlook when looking at a panel showing red or green, bearish and bullish, and you can also see when you are allowed to enter a trade. This is one of the first products I bought from Sean and the Neurostreet team and I always use it when trading.

Erik Bendiksen

I am a professional trader for 8 years and I do own several trading software over $35,000 value. In my late trading experience, I find NeuroStreet software and tools most valuable, most reliable and most accurate. I barely use any of my other software anymore because NeuroStreet has increased my winning rate. Plus…I am very satisfied with their continuous support.

Mark Ilman

Neurostreet offers the best combination of tools and education that I have ever come across in all my years of trading. The indicators are world class in my opinion but it’s the educational aspect that has really made a difference for me. The trade room moderators are very experienced traders who do a great job explaining what they are doing while trading live markets. I highly recommend the trade room – you can easily pay for the monthly cost in 1 trade.

Geoff Zimmerman

I have purchased the VMDivergence indicator from NeuroStreet and am very pleased with the product. At first it seemed like there were a lot of parameters which felt overwhelming, but I took the time to watch the training video and read the manual which are great and helped enormously. Then I also spent time turning each parameter on and off or adjusting the setting and visually seeing what it did to the display. In just a day or two I felt very comfortable and at home.

I especially like the Sentiment Settings for the Histogram and Market Structure. In one quick glance, I can tell if the most recent price action is trending up , down, or oscillating and if the sentiment is bullish or bearish. I also like the enhancements that were added to automatically show divergence and hidden divergence. That automatic visual display is so much easier for me than trying to remember to check for that on my own. As with all of Sean’s software, he has taken something fairly complex and simplified it to the max.

I can now make trading decisions with a quick and easy glance at a couple of things instead of having to remember to check 6, 8, or more different things. It has definitely eased my problem with analysis paralysis.

Larry Wilkinson

I have purchased the SDVolumeZones from NeuroStreet and am very pleased with the product. In the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed, but the training video and manual are great. I took the time to watch the video and read the manual. Then I spent time playing with each of the settings and becoming familiar with them. In just a day or two I felt at home and comfortable. I especially like the average stop loss calculators. In one quick glance, I can tell if I am trading the wrong time frame for the size of my account. I also love the enhancement that was made to show profiles within the zones. That allows me to fine tune my entries and reduce risk with ease. As with all of Sean’s software, it has been designed with ease of use in mind. Admittedly, I cannot just blindly take every zone that show up, there is some discretion and wisdom that needs to be applied, but Sean teaches how to do that.

Larry Wilkinson

As a trader who owns many trading software from different vendors, I enjoy programs from NeuroStreet. Here is the reason I like VMDivergences:

Remember the high school Physics: Velocity is the rate of speed increases. If you are trying to determine how fast the market price is moving, looking at the chart’s price changes is not enough. VMDivergences works likes a dynamic computer constantly figuring out the state of the market movements. I think about it like an X Ray machine. By our human eyes we cannot see inside the body but the X Ray machine can. VMDivergences tool gives us detailed information which our intuition often gets it wrong.

In practice I see VMDivergences indicator as a friend who is not afraid to speak the truth that you do not like to hear. I feel we need the kind of friends to tell us what NOT TO DO when we become too emotionally involved on a potential good trade that can turn bad in the end

Tony Lin