I started day trading with Thinkorswim and was introduced to Ninjatrader in 2011. I switched to Ninjatrader because they have tick data while thinkorswim aggregates data (and trades against you in forex). I struggled for several years, until I learned about the importance of volume and wanted even more of an edge by seeing what is happening in real time. I tried other volume tolls that are (Free) and other inexpensive order flow tools under 500 bucks and although they are helpful they didn’t backfill data so you had to turn your machine on for a few hours before you start trading and everytime you switch instruments you lose the data, that was extremely limiting. I also wanted to keep using Ninjatrader, because I had accumulated other tools in that program.

I saw the Print Profiler presentation in 2016, and was immediately impressed. With Sean he is apparently very knowledgeable and a real trader not just a salesman. I like the ease, speed and flexibility of the application. The video training which came with the product was also top notch. I use Print Profiler to qualify all of my entries and to determine realistic stop placements and targets. I wouldn’t want to enter a day trade without first looking at the Print Profiler and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their entries in short term trading.

Leong Thomas

Being a member of the Neurostreet for almost a year now, I can assure everyone and new members that Neurostreet team is very well organized and very supportive. The tools designed by NeuroStreet are high end products. The tools are well documented and solves many of the pain points we face in our everyday trading. I really Like Neurostreet products, and the Market profile is the best one I’ve ever seen by far out there. The educators really invested all his time and past year experience in trading to make it available for us to trade with few easy clicks.

Sam H

I know now I’m not alone in my goals of being a profitable trader. I have the support team of NeuroStreet to do some of the heavy lifting. As a full-time small business owner, I haven’t the time or the market knowledge to develop the tools to achieve my trading goals. That said, because of Sean and his vision and his great team of people, trading is no longer something I’m going to do in retirement years. It has become something in the here and now. NeuroStreet has made the dream possible. Thanks for your help.

Bob Mason

I have purchased the SDVolumeZones from NeuroStreet and am very pleased with the product. In the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed, but the training video and manual are great. I took the time to watch the video and read the manual. Then I spent time playing with each of the settings and becoming familiar with them. In just a day or two I felt at home and comfortable. I especially like the average stop loss calculators. In one quick glance, I can tell if I am trading the wrong time frame for the size of my account. I also love the enhancement that was made to show profiles within the zones. That allows me to fine tune my entries and reduce risk with ease. As with all of Sean’s software, it has been designed with ease of use in mind. Admittedly, I cannot just blindly take every zone that show up, there is some discretion and wisdom that needs to be applied, but Sean teaches how to do that.

Larry Wilkinson

The Print Profiler makes it much easier to track the imbalance in orders between the buyers and sellers, and can be adjusted to show as much or as little detail as you can track. Michael Black uses the Print Profiler in every one of his trading room sessions. He describes himself as a “scalp to position” trader and shows us how the change in delta gives the temperature of the buyers and sellers. Michael will tell you in his trading room that the Print Profiler was what first connected him to the quality of Sean’s design and development team. Michael has been using it steadily for long enough that he recently had Sean add several new features, including the Heat Map histogram at the bottom.

Bruce Kent

Just wanted to add my two cents about the Auction Curve, and generally about NeuroStreet. Since diving in and watching a few of Sean’s webinars, and deciding to buy some of the software, I feel much more confident in my trading. I was looking for that additional “ingredient” to really improve and perfect my trading “recipe”. With Sean’s framework and the use of Auction Curve,I know I have found just that!

Auction Curve helps me sit quietly and patiently through all the noise and just wait for the right “Retail+Down” or “Value+Up” locations, and bingo, I know I have the high probability trade
location and direction, and can continue with my analysis for laser sharp entries. I am so happy with my purchase of the Auction Curve. Since incorporating it into my trading plan, as Sean teaches in the numerous webinars, I have been able to increase my win percentage dramatically. Most importantly, I trade with a lot more confidence, knowing I am taking the best trade I can, with the best location and structure being on my side, can’t really get any better!

Idan Shoham

Sean’s Friday Ask Me Anything sessions are extremely informative and helpful. He provides a clear methodical approach to managing risk and formulating strategies. If you want to trade like a professional, don’t miss out on these sessions.

Geoff Zimmerman

Sean has performed exhaustive research into timeframe conversions, to be sure we are seeing the correct price action at a level that is neither so fast that we are overwhelmed by the normal back and forth of price, nor so large that we miss efficient entry as price turns. He has done so much more research on this subject than I could ever contemplate doing for myself. This is the kind of detailed numeric research we have come to expect from Sean, which is truly impressive. Sean’s approach is to provide all the tools one needs to trade successfully, and the training in how to use those tools effectively. His perspective on what it takes to be a trader is all-encompassing, expanding to include how to manage money and risk, and even how to increase our cognitive ability.

Bruce Kent

One of my challenges in becoming a successful trader is that I am not good at multitasking. Yet in trading there are so many things to try and keep track of at once. Sean’s software has been a great help to me with this problem, because he always designs his software with user ease in mind. He tries to make the decision making process as easy as possible. That has been of great value to me.

Then I saw the presentation on being able to literally train my brain to improve. What an asset that would be! I decided to purchase the cognition software and have actually been having fun with it. I had a couple of weeks of exposure and was just getting into the swing of it. Unfortunately, I then had some personal issues come up that prevented me from using it for a bit. That is behind me now and I am starting to get back into it again. After being away from it for a while, I saw a significant drop in my score. I wish I had more time and experience with it to be able to give a better review, but I can say that I have been impressed with it and am looking forward to what long term use of it will do for me.

Larry Wilkinson

I have been a member of NeuroStreet since 2015. Sean and his team have consistently improved and added to the core programs. When I started the emphasis was on supply and demand zones and indicators that supported trading these levels and looking at intrabar analysis. With the addition of TPO/CTV indicator we now have a great Market Profile tool to look at larger time frame areas and levels of value in a totally new way, the way the floor traders used to trade.

Sean have put together a great educational package and trade room to teach this trading method in an easy to understand progression. The software takes the heavy lifting of setup and splitting market profiles away from the user and automates it. While it is important to still understand what makes up the different profile shapes you no longer have to agonize over or spend time deciding where to split the data for TPO distributions, it is done for you. This is really market leading state of the art software.

. While new to Market Profile I am learning to just trust the zones.

If this is all the software did it would be amazing , but in addition you get the CTV indicator which looks at cumulative tick volume. The indicator identifies different size lot trades and takes the delta of buyers vs sellers over a certain time period to identify the institutional players from the retail trader. In the past I have heard this talked about with the COT report on a weekly basis but never thought it could be done on an intraday chart. Sean have created a unique way to look at block trades that helps you trade along with the Big money and blends very well with the market profile software.

In all this is a fantastic set of indicators that is revolutionary in its ease and has opened up a new way of trading for me. I can highly recommend it for anyone interested in trading Market Profile.

Brian Berger

In my many years of working to become a successful trader I have been involved with a lot of different vendors. Some I just listened to their presentation and knew it was not a good fit for me. Others seemed to resonate with me and I would research them deeper. I have invested heavily in at least 7 different vendors over the years. Bought their software and spent significant time with them and their products. Not all at once mind you, it has been a path and a journey. With all that experience, I can easily and honestly say that Sean has been my favorite. He has a talent for taking any very complex subject and breaking it down to something that is easy to see, digest, and make a decision from. It is presented in a clear, concise, and organized manner.

Every piece of software I have bought from him comes complete on day 1. It installs clean and easy, it has good manuals that come with it, it has training videos that teach and explain how to use it. In short, his stuff is a pleasure to learn and use. Some other vendors I have worked with don’t even supply manuals, or promise a manual and training courses in the near future, but months and years later have still not delivered them. Sean has all that ready to go and deliver before he even tries to sell the software. I truly appreciate that aspect of NeuroStreet.

Sean’s mind seems very logical, structured, and organized and it resonates extremely well with the way my mind works. I truly wish I had found NeuroStreet and Sean in the earlier part of my journey instead of the later part. I would be so much further ahead if I had, but at least I did find them and am truly grateful for that.

Larry Wilkinson

When the SDVolumeZones indicator paints a Supply or Demand zone on my chart, I know that there is a high probability that price will react if it touches that zone again. That allows me to plan ahead and enter limit orders so I am not chasing the market for a trade. The amazing thing is how often the POC or low volume nodes (LVN) in that zone are the exact point where price turns. An added benefit of this indicator is that Michael Black demonstrates how he uses it in his trading every week to select entries or to prevent him from entering a trade that is heading into resistance.

Bruce Kent

I’ve known Sean & NeuroStreet for almost 3 years. So far it has been the most reliable trading company I’ve ever followed. Their indicators and trading systems although a little pricey, are top notch and worth the money. During his educational webinars, Sean always goes out to the way the explain everything in detail, and always makes sure all questions are answered properly.

NeuroStreet trading education system is superior, also customer service is also very good and professional, all my questions have been answered usually within the same day. Overall I think this is the best trading company in the market and will definitely recommend to anyone.

Alwin S.

My name is Steve and I trade from Columbus Ohio. I got started with NeuroStreet approximately 2 1/2 years ago. I started by purchasing the software a piece at a time. In addition to the software I also find the trade room and trainings to be especially useful. I like that we have different traders with different perspectives and methods of trading. I have learned to incorporate elements of each into my trading. I also enjoy Sean’s teachings as he has a lot a market knowledge and is skilled at communicating this knowledge with enthusiasm!

From my experience, I would also like to add that no indicator, system, trading guru or combination thereof will get you to success with trading if your psychology and/or prosperity mindset is off. This is hands down the most important element of trading! Sean and the traders at NeuroStreet will also attest to this. With good trading psychology and NeuroStreet Tools and Training you can achieve the trading success you desire!

Steve Epke

I have purchased the Auction Curve from Neurostreet and am very pleased with the product. It is a very simple tool that basically at a quick glance tells me whether I am a buyer, a seller, or I should stand aside. I have combined it with both the SDVolumeZones and the Print Profiler. I have even used it with other software products not produced by Neurostreet. In all 3 cases it improved the bottom line. At first it seemed too restrictive (i.e. passed on too many trades), but as I stuck with it, the end result was less trades and more profit.

Larry Wilkinson

As a trader who owns many trading software from different vendors, I enjoy programs from NeuroStreet. Here is the reason I like Auction Curve:

Auction Curve is a program working like a coach of a football team. It help clear your mind at the time you need a helpful opinion. Everybody is talking about multiple timeframes. The truth is, even multiple timeframes are confusing. One chart is telling you to go long while the others say otherwise. Sounds familiar?

I cannot deny that I have collected different programs. I am sure many people do. When I mix and match, I still need something like a guiding light. Action Curve works like the guiding light in a foggy day. It may not always save you from a stormy day on sea, but it give you something to navigate through a rough trading situation.

Tony Lin

I’ve been following Raul for more than a year now where he got me excited to learn more about the market profile strategy early 2017. The first time I heard about the market profile was webinar through trade station website where Raul was presenting and to me at the time Market profile was like reading a Chinese language. I decided to dig more information about this new concept, so I started looking for webinars and / or trading room where he mentors. After learning this concept, I can truly say that Raul changed my vision completely to market. He teaches by far the best strategy I’ve ever learned in my life. Raul has an excellent personality and he is so patient, he takes his time to explain the details around the market profile strategy and answers every question to ensure everyone in the trade room is understanding the details of this concept.

Its rare to find excellent mentors and Raul is certainly one of them. He’s not only a specialist of the Market but profile but also the master and the innovator of it.

Sam H

In my many years of effort to become a successful trader I have run across the concept of market profile several times. My first problem was that I would always confuse it with volume profile and never quite understood the difference. Each time I tried to research market profile I found a lot of convoluted information that was not very helpful. I finally began to get a grasp on what market profile meant, but did not really see how I could successfully trade with it, especially since it was built from a 30 minute time frame which I felt was too large for my account size. Then I saw the TPO/CTV presentation by NeuroStreet. It was the best market profile presentation I had ever seen. It actually made sense to me. I decided to invest in the software. The training videos put together that I gained access to after the purchase are excellent. After watching them, I truly felt for the first time that I really understood market profile and how to use it.

Larry Wilkinson

As a trader who owns many trading software from different vendors, I enjoy programs from NeuroStreet. Here is the reason I like Print Profiler:

Print Profiler is the most sophisticated order flow analysis tool I ever owned. It works like a complex time and sale analytic tool a retail trader like me can put my hands on. The tool helps me make decisions when there are complex situation especially at the beginning of the trading session. The time and sale is impossible to understand if you use just Ninjatrader data. I had attempted to analyze the order flow using other tools but they just added more confusions.

Like many traders I use different programs for different situation. However, I always use Print Profiler in the core chart.

Tony Lin

When I purchased NeuroStreet’s auto splitting profile software my main interest was in the software. As I took in a few trading room experiences and Sean’s AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) weekly webinars I realized that the education competed with the software for value. As a counter trend scalper my eyes have been opened to the importance of market state, trending or oscillating, and why they call for different strategies, so I know when and when not to trade the great levels the TPO/CTV software identifies. Thanks NeuroStreet for the education to capitalize on the tools you create.

Han Robinson